The Deluxe Package offers a high-level of accommodation at a very reasonable price.

Deluxe Package "A" Medinah  First
August 23rd - Sept 10th/11th

Prices Per Person
Triple Makkah & Medina: $8,995
Double Makkah & Medina: $9,995


■ Round trip airfare JFK / Jeddah / JFK.
($399 extra to travel from LAX or San Francisco) on Saudi Airlines

■ 5 night stay at Millennium Al Aqeeq Hotel across from the Haram (5 star hotel)

Tour of historic sites in Medinah by private buses

■ Transportation to Mekkah by private buses

■ 4 night stay at Millennium Taiba Hotel (5 star hotel)

■ Back to Makkah by Private Bus

■ Accommodations in  Azizyah Hotel (no Apartments) from 5 - 7 Theelhijah. Meals will be provided.

■ Azizyah Hotel will be available during Manasik.

■ Accomodation at Mina and Arafat from 8th to 13th of Theelhijjah in Mumayaz Camp close to Jamarat in private air conditioned VIP tents with mattresses.

■ Three meals will be served in Mina and 2 meals in Arafat.

■ Accommodation at Hilton Makkah Theelhijjah14 to 20, 1438

Applies to All Packages

■ Ihram will be provided for all men & special gifts for the women.

■ Meet & Assist: This service will be provided in Makkah and medinah for groups only.

■ Open buffet for breakfast and dinner in both Makkah & Medina Hotels.

■ Transportation in private deluxe air-conditioned buses.

■ Visit historical sites / Ziyarat in Medina.

■ Tour Guides: English and Arabic speaking guides will be accompanying the group during Hajj Trip.

■ Religious Advisory: Islamic Scholars (English & Arabic speakers) will be accompanying the group from USA and will help guide you through the process of pilgrimage.

Additional Information: 

- $399 additional for flying from LA or SF.

- Domestic connection from your city to either LA/SF or JFK are additional, price is subject to booking time.

- Side trip are available for extra charge and price is subject to booking time.

- A $3,000 down payment is required for reservations. Full payment is required 60 days before departure.

- Prices of the Hajj Program DO NOT include the following:

Sacrifice (Zabiha) $140
Hajj Fees which consist of $300

Reservations and Payments: A $3000 down payment is required for reservation. Full payment is required 60 days before departure.

1. All credit card purchases are subject to a 4% transaction fee.

2. Credit card purchases can be made over the phone by one of the Hajj Program representatives.