HAJJ 2022 (updated: 4/10/22)

Jazakum Allah Khair for your interest to join Islamic Center of Claremont Hajj 2022/1443


Few weeks ago, The Ministry of Hajj has made a decision to open up for Hajj this year. However, until this date, they have not released any details with regards to capacity & rules for this year’s hajj program.

Therefore, we are not able to provide any details regarding airlines, hotels, prices, and the number of people that we may be able to accept this year.

Our hajj package will be VIP throughout the trip with stopping in Makkah first.

In order to register with us, we need a text message or scan email of the passports of each person planning to join Islamic Center of Claremont 2022/1443, and a minimum payment of $1,000.00 each person. 

Once details about the Hajj program are released, you’ll have up to 10 days to decide if you wish to join or not. During these 10 days, your Deposit is 100%


Once we receive your payment, you will be added to our waiting list on a first come first serve basis. May Allah make it easy for you to join this year's Hajj.


For payment, please choose one of the two options:


1) Make a check or money order payable to:

Islamic Center of Claremont

Hajj 2022

3641 N. Garey Ave

Pomona CA 91767

(Mail or bring to above address)

2)  Transfer the money using Zelle Account under: info@islamiccenterofclaremont.com


We look forward to assisting you during this great opportunity of life Journey. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any needs or questions. 


Mahmood Khan (909) 977-5353

Fill out this online form to pre-register and reserve your spot for Hajj.


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Religious Guidance by Islamic Scholars

All of our hajj packages include support and guidance from Islamic Scholars that are experienced in guiding large groups of pilgrims.

Nutritious, Healthy and Safe Meals

Food is provided as part of the travel packages offered by ICC. All food is sourced from reliable and safe sources.

Flights are Included

Our experienced logistics team will handle all of the flight arrangements so you can focus on the journey of a lifetime.

Top Rated Accommodations

ICC contracts only the best hotels and camp providers to ensure our pilgrims are safe and comfortable during their journey of a lifetime.

Transportation Included

Transportation within the Holy City and between Mecca and Madina are included in the packages that ICC offers.

In-group Medical Care

Doctors and other medical professionals travel with ICC Hajj groups to ensure all pilgrims have quick and easy access to medical care.
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  • 2.The #1 Choice of Pilgrims in the Inland Empire Area.
  • 3.Top-rated Services and Accommodations
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The Hajj team is dedicated to helping you to fulfill the journey of a lifetime.
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