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ICC offers high quality Hajj and other packages for competitive prices.

The Islamic Center of Claremont was established over 30 years ago to serve the needs of Muslims in Pomona, Claremont, and surrounding communities. The Islamic Center of Claremont provides a religious and educational environment that meets the growing needs of our diverse and ever-expanding Muslim community.

ICC currently provides an open facility that hosts the five obligated prayers on a daily basis, Friday congregational/Juma'a prayers, weekly lectures, family events, youth programs, Ramadan iftars and Qiyam prayers. Facilities include a Mens' and Womens' prayer hall, conference and meetings rooms, multipurpose rooms, playground, and a full time school.

This is in addition to providing a world-class Hajj service every year. The Islamic Center of Claremont has been providing hajj services for over 20 years.