We had a really good time with our group from Claremont Hajj. What ever they promise they did more than that. Our stay in Makkah, Medinah and Manasik were great and beautiful. Our hotel was next to harms. Claremont team  was great and big help. They did very good job I highly recommend this group.

Faisal Manzor, Riverside

No words can express the services offered by the Claremont team group.Me and my wife went for Hajj 2015 and had an exceptionally amazing experience. We got more than what we were promised. They took care of us in every aspect of promised. They took care of us in every aspect of Hajj. If you want to go for Hajj look no farther.

Safwan Ahmad Muneer, San Diego

Hajj was an incredible experience for me and I highly recommend it to anyone. Specially the people you are going with. My experience with Claremont Islamic Center was great. Special regard and respect to the team who organized the 2015 Hajj from A to Z and made it safe, easy and enjoyable with all it's Manasek. They did everything they promised to do and even more. Enshallah the next Hajj I will take my family with the same group.

Hassan Charihi, Burbank

My experience traveling with Claremont Hajj to Hajj was beyond beautiful. I had such an amazing time, this was such a life changing trip and the group I traveled with were such amazing and nice organization. If Allah grants me the gift of being able to go again, I will 100% go with Claremont Hajj. They are so well put together and they are truly one of the best.

Nafisa Larson, Temecula